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Murray River & Lakes

Life on the banks of the Murray River takes on a pace all of it's own.


Here, your morning alarm is courtesy of abundant birdlife, while golden skies above the river signal knock-off time. 

There's so much to do in the Murray River and Lakes.


Stroll through ancient red gum forests and floodplain wetlands during the day and drift away at night with luxury houseboat accommodation. Hire a kayak and explore the backwaters and creeks that branch off the Murray River, cruise on up to charming, historic towns, taste sumptuous local food and wine or embark on an African-style safari at Monarto Zoological park. 




Monarto South

Monarto Safari Park is the largest in Australia and indeed one of the largest in the world. It is a 1,500 hectare open-range sanctuary undertaking a major role nationally and internationally in breeding programs for rare and endangered species. It is the home of South Australia' first ever southern white rhinoceros and Australia's largest giraffe herd.

The Zu-loop shuttle bus departs the Visitor Centre at regular intervals enabling you to get on and off the bus at a variety of wildlife viewing platforms including, Giraffe, Rhino, Cheetah, Lion, African Painted Dogs and Chimpanzee.

Approximately 10 kilometres of walking tracks meander through the Mallee bush-land of the zoo and can be incorporated with the Zu-loop service for those visitors wishing to be flexible in exploring the zoo.

Just 50 minutes drive from Adelaide and only 15 minutes from the Murray River, Monarto Safari Park also offers behind-the-scenes experiences such as Working with Wildlife, Meet their Cheetah and meet their Lions, providing different levels of interaction with the animals.

The Visitor Centre includes a large Cafe dining area, gift shop, Interpretive centre and Information desk to assist in planning your day at this spectacular zoo.




Just downstream from Renmark awaits Headings Cliffs where golden crags that glow at sunset tower above the landscape and give way to one of the most iconic waterways in Australia. Surrounded by ancient red gum forest, meandering river channels and abundant birdlife, the beauty and tranquility of this watery wonderland is virtually indescribable. Trek to the top of the cliffs near Paringa (an Aboriginal word meaning “big bend in the river”) for a magical gun barrel view down river or hire a kayak and be dwarfed by the towering cliffs as you paddle by. 

Headings Cliff is a key location on the epic Murray River Walk.


Officially one of the Great Walks of Australia, it’s a four-day, three-night trek along the creeks, wetlands and riverbanks of the Murray.


The walk is led by a team of expert guides, with private accommodation on a modern 10-berth houseboat included.




The waterways, meandering wetlands and quiet backwaters of the Murray River provide vital habitats for an astounding array of native animals.


A magnet for avid twitchers, these delicate ecosystems are home to some of Australia's most unique and rare birdlife - including some 180 endemic bird species.


Spot Australian Darters plunging into the river, Whistling Kites nesting in the bending branches of dreamy willow trees, Yellow Spoon Bills perched in red gums, Spiney-cheeked Honeyeaters darting between native blooms and majestic pelicans and black swans soaring just above the water's surface.


Meanwhile on the banks, kangaroos, goanas and echidnas stick close to the water's edge as koalas look down on life below from towering gums. The three-day Murray River Safari guided tour is one of the best ways to be immersed in the Riverland's incredible wildlife.  




The tortured trees of Lake Bonney have been photographer favourites for decades with evening skies acting as the perfect backdrop.


In summer months, Barmera is a magnet for swimmers, water skiers and boaters.


In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque spot to enjoy a local Twenty Third Street gin and watch the sun disappear.

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