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How can I book for the BSA International Rally 2023?

The ability to book through our website will be coming soon. For now, we would appreciate it if you would Register Your Interest.


Will I get confirmation of registration for Rally?     

Yes, we will confirm by email.

What will be the payment method?     


Payment will be via the booking agency. If you do not use the web booking portal, direct deposit to the club bank account or cheque with the application form made out to the account named on the form.

What riding distances will be covered at the Rally?   


The longest ride will be approximately 180 – 200 kms (110 – 125 miles).

How many ride days will there be?

There will be six (6) ride days.

Will alternative meals be available?  


Yes, there will be several alternatives to suit different dietary requirements.

Will there be places to have meals close to the resort?


There are quite a few eating places close to the resort.

How fast will the rides be?


There will be varying speeds for the older slower bikes approximately 75 – 80 kph . There will be a slightly quicker speed for the second group of up to 90 kph, and the last group will be up to the speed limit 100 kph.


How do I get Compulsory Third Party Insurance on an international bike?

Go to to find out more.


Is it possible to get loan bikes for the rally?


As far possible, we will try to get bikes to ride for those who cannot bring their own bikes. We suggest that if you know someone in Australia you may arrange the loan for yourself. If the owner is insured with Shannons, we have been advised that if the rider has an international motorcycle licence the owner will be covered.

How far is the rally site from an airport?

The nearest airport is within 30 minutes of the Rally location.


Is there public transport to and from the Rally site?

There is regular public transport available.


Is there medical facilities near the Rally site?


There are local doctors, chemists and a hospital close to the Rally site.


Will there be any way to repair bikes near the Rally site?

There will be many to help with problems and there will be plenty of parts available nearby particularly for the more popular models (within 20 minutes if required).

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